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The Story Behind the Hug-a-Plush™ Brand


“Nude, How's My Brand?”

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Are you suffering from brand humiliation? Do you lack bold confidence in sharing your brand with the world? Don't hide.

You have something to share with the world so don’t cheat the world of getting to know your brand.

We’re The Brand Naked Agency™ and we’re the branding and design agency that build brands for sustainability and transformation, always starting from the inside out. We share with you tools that will assist you in gaining the confidence that you need so that you will no longer face brand shame. Unlike many other agencies that focus on tactics or the outside (what you look like), we focus on the “Pivotal 4™” which strengthens the core of your brand so that you will not have to “Fake it until you make it.” You can live your brand out loud with full confidence possessing the structure and support to sustain it.






You’re smart, so you don’t need to look like, act like, or outdo another brand. Discover and define your own.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re driven, competitive, subtle, conservative, or unorthodox, we help you define, express, and stand out above others in your industry—from the inside out—through coaching, consulting, strategy, brand development, and integrative messaging and customized design communications that align with your brand’s identity.

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The Hug-a-Plush Brand

The Hug-a-Plush Brand

All-American Favorite Foods

All-American Favorite Foods

Please Touch Program

Please Touch Program

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